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Lost dreams and America

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Lost dreams and America

nelson mederik

Some hope for the bastards


When you get your overcoat on, and head out into the chilly montreal night, with its dark skies silhouetted by the endless churches and its beautiful european architecture, heading to the theatre, you dont usually expect your eardrums to come out of it feeling jarred, some hope for the bastards, is truly jarring.

Part theatre, part live show, Some hope for the bastards is truly something to behold, a fascinating fusion of genres, expertly choreographed by Frédérique Gravel, we bare witness to a dance of the ages, as the performers seem to writhe in and out of each other's energy fields, we watch as the phantoms of each persons aura seem to snake and intertwine.

Every generation has its pitfalls, its glories and innovations, its timeless creations that burn brightest and eventually become the object of our nostalgia. I believe that sone hope for the bastards is a celebration of our generations gems, bringing us vibes from the past and melding then with a fascinating choreography, punctuated by moments of immensely satisfying rocking out, it is truly something to behold.



The piece is a beautiful fusion of music and dance, and keeps the viewer in a state of pulsating rhythmic trance, employing a variety of different genres, the live music being played is very satisfying, reminiscent of the americana-esque-lynchian bluesy vibe that has recently bubbled out from within the artistic underground, the viewer is submerged in wave after wave of delicious rock and roll.

The musical aspect of the show is unique in its style and energy, and most definitely a work of great musical interest, it has a distinctly revolutionary energy that elevates the spirit and takes the show to a whole new level.

Sometimes theatre can put you to sleep, and though many of the moments in this play bore the atmospheric calm of an experimental dance show, the type of show that is not the best idea if you're sleep deprived, but some hope for the bastards is truly vivacious and true to itself, rocking us into its universe and blowing our minds as it creeps into our subconscious, living there for years to come.

I recommend it to anyone with a love for music, theatre, or life in general.